Friday, July 22, 2011


Pinococo is now at the Sandugo Trade Expo 2011 in Tagbilaran, Bohol up to July 24.

Bohol is one of the most beautiful, exotic islands of the Philippines. Bohol is famous for its chocolate hills,  beautiful beaches,  forests and mountains, home to the endangered tarsiers, and exhilarating rivers and waterfalls.    The people are friendly and hospitable.

Vicky Mara of Tubigon Loomweavers.

We are now a part of their celebration of the annual Sandugo Festival.  A variety of products are shown here from Bohol baskets, woven buli mats and home decors, banig from Samar, fashion accessories from Cebu, more from different provinces including delicacies from different parts of the country.

Here are some photos of our booth and the Sandugo Trade Expo:

approaching Tagbilaran City by boat...

tricycles, motorbikes, and rent-a-cars are means of transportation in going around the city.

The Sandugo Trade Expo 2011 is at the Island City Mall, Tagbilaran City.

The Pinococo bag is featured at the special  exhibit area.  

Gorgeous Pinococo bag, with the coconut shell taking centerstage, embellished with natural handpainted leaves, cocobeads, wood beads, shells, and organza ribbons.  Our bags are making a statement here at the trade expo for its originality of design, beauty and use of indigenous materials.

The Pinococo Booth, exhibiting one-of-a-kind, handmade bags, stunning costume jewelry sets and exotic accessories made from natural, indigenous components.

Pinococo is honored to have  Mdm. Aster Caberte, the Regional Director of Region V11,  Mdm. Marlene Gabato, Trade and Industry Development Specialist of DTI, Cebu as one of our visitors and customers.

DSWD Secretary, Ma'am Dinky Soliman who loves purple and red found her choice accessories at Pinococo.

Tess Valdez, a dear friend and sister-in-Christ from Baguio visited our booth.

One of our happy friends in Bohol!
young boholanos at Pinococo...

at Co-Nature booth with Betsy Alterado

these four beautiful girls are sisters...

With Leah Simbajon, owner and designer of Austolia Jewelry Arts.

Marlyn inside Pinococo booth...

Marlyn posing at the special setting area...

Pinococo also attended the 2011 SME summit held at Metro Centre Hotel on July 22, 2011 with  speakers: Dr. Volker Steigerwald of GIZ-PSP, Director Aster Caberte, DTI-VII, Hon. Gregory L. Domingo, Secretary, Dept. of Trade and Industry, Mr. Uwe Sturmann, GIZ-PSP, and Mr. Dioscoro 'Jun' Ayag, Bohol Chamber of Commerce.

At the 2011 SME Summit with Dioscoro 'Jun' Ayag Jr., 2009 Bagong Bayani Awardee for Culture and Arts.

Lyn Deutsch and Betsy Alterado at the exhibit center, both members of the Binhi Art Group.

Ms. Marlyn Bahio, my friend and assistant at the Pinococo Booth at the Sandugo Trade Expo 2011.

All Pinococo products are designed by Lyn Deutsch and meticulously handcrafted by gifted Filipino artisans coming from indigent families, women with children and girls  rescued from trafficking,  who have been taught, trained and imparted with life skills on arts and crafts.


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