Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dance to the rhythm  -  the merging of the past with the future, the struggle of every man to stand out, the war to use plastic or natural...

Pinococo has been inspired to create the following collection mixing the calm swaying nature of bamboo into lively dangling of chains - chains that bind mortals to survival, vanity, and fashion.

In this collection, PINOCOCO explores indigenous bamboo, as the main component, in costume jewelry sets exuding edgy, a bit punky, yet sophisticatedly urban in design and finish.

Photo of Bamboo Dress by Anna Ostrovskaya, Courtesy Reuters Oddly Enough

ITEM CODE: 11-267
Outrageously bold and kinky! This natural bamboo chains, treated and finished in metallic ombre - a fascinating kaleidoscope of subtle metallic shades of gold, copper and silver.

 ITEM CODE: 11-271
Bamboo rings in three-tone shading, big bamboo ring pendant.  Eco-punk!

ITEM CODE: 11-265
Double bamboo rings, natural bamboo togle lock, with a beautiful oval shell-inlaid pendant.

ITEM CODE: 11-279
Bamboo loop earrings, double looped bracelet in mixed metallic finish.

ITEM CODE: 11-268
Diagonally sliced bamboo rings linked with leather, natural shell pendant.

ITEM CODE: 11-296
Bamboo chain pendant on glass beads.

ITEM CODE: 11-278
Bamboo bangle and rings.

ITEM CODE: 11-184
Bamboo rings, crystal-encrusted honeycomb bead with pearlized white wood beads, adustable ribbon to lock.

ITEM CODE: 11-286
Bamboo and resin chain accented with crystal-encrusted rings. 

ITEM CODE:11-226
Beautiful 2-strand necklace in diagonally-sliced bamboo linked with leather rings, leather ribbon, natural lock.  Matching bracelet and earrings.

ITEM CODE: 11-225
Bamboo chains in gunmetal finish.  Light, natural, edgy costume jewelry set.

Bamboo and resin chains in this striking plum chain necklace with matching bracelet and earrings.

ITEM CODE: 11-236 bronze
Bamboo skeletal design in bronze to gold bamboo beads.
ITEM CODE: 11-236 icy blues
Bamboo skeletal design in deep blues to ice blue finished in silvery metallics.
ITEM CODE: 11-236 sunset
Bamboo skeletal design from deep red, orange to bright golden sunburst.
ITEM CODE: 11-236 berry
Bamboo skeletal design from deep purple to berry reds.

ITEM CODES: 11-168, 11-311

ITEM CODE: 11-316
72" shawl necklace of 10 strands of bamboo tubes, sig-id, and horn beads knotted with wood beads.  All natural Pinococo locks.

ITEM CODE: 11-168
Shawl necklace of bamboo tubes, golden troca shells and sig-id beads.

ITEM CODE: 11-311
Multistrands of  bamboo, horn beads and sig-id in this classic design.

ITEM CODE: 11-350
Natural bamboo tubes fringing on cocobead chains, Pinococo lock.

 ITEM CODE:  11-206
Studded bamboo tubes in this stunning statement costume jewelry set!

ITEM CODE: 11-352
Bamboo tube choker with dangling neck tie of chained bamboo tubes.

We trust that you will honor the rights of PINOCOCO to these designs.  No copy in actual and in print is allowed without permission.  Thank you.
For inquiries please contact: lyndeutsch@gmail.com

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